General information

Unity 3.4.0 release brings couple of significant new features.

FIDO/WebAuthn support

Finally Unity offers support for hardware tokens. And more, as the support is based on FIDO standard, so all compatible devices and even software like Android OS or Windows Hello can be used for authentication.

Refreshed consent screen

Consent screen was significantly reworked. Technical language was removed, information is end-user oriented, unnecessary data was dropped to have cleaner presentation, also UX was improved.

To take full advantage of the new look and feel make sure to properly describe your OAuth scopes and set logos for the clients (note that OAuth clients logo now uses image attribute type, supporting variety of formats).

Sub-projects support in UpMan

UpMan UI was generally refreshed and aligned with theme of Console. Besides of that a new feature was added: Unity admin can allow selected project managers to create sub-projects on their own. This feature must be enabled on each project and additionally Unity offers new authorization role which needs to be assigned to authorized managers.

Also in Console the groups which are managed via UpMan are marked in group browser.

Admin UI dropped

As previously announced the legacy AdminUI was dropped in this release. Make sure to enable console before the update.

jpegImage attribute syntax replaced by image syntax

The deprecated jpegImage attribute syntax was dropped. All instances will be migrated during update to the image attribute syntax. This change allows for using PNG images (and GIFs) everywhere, as well as improves JPG images quality which was noticeably impacted by the jpegImage.

Upgrade from 3.3

Upgrade from previous release should not be problematic. Internal data migration will be performed. As usual, don’t forget to create a backup before upgrade, and follow carefully the instructions from the Unity manual, related to the upgrade.