General information

Unity 3.2.0 release brings several new enhancements.

Worth highlighting are Global attributes: a new attribute type option. Attributes of a global type will be visible in all Unity groups, after being set only in the root group. The feature is a more convenient and faster alternative for attribute statements coping shared attributes from the root group to subgroups. The feature is especially important for setups holding large group structures.

What is more:

  • Refreshed, intuitive entity creation dialog.
  • New attribute syntax, allowing for exposing a public link to a picture stored as attribute value.
  • Support for OAuth JWT Access Token.
  • Flexible mechanism of pre-filling selected fields of registration form from URL query parameters.
  • Automatic remote sign-up, a similar feature to automatic remote sign-in that was previously available.

Upgrade from 3.1

Upgrade from previous release should not be problematic. There were no configuration files changes, however internal migration will be performed. As usual, don’t forget to create a backup before upgrade.