Release Highlights

The 3.14.0 release focuses on performance improvements, when operating on large user databases. Besides, some smaller feature requests were implemented as well as many bugs were addressed.


Changes should resolve slow:

  • inviting multiple users from UpMan
  • OAuth tokens listing in Console
  • bulk registration requests processing
  • loading of registration form

More capable authorization on IdP

A new released data profile action “stopAuthentication” allows for conditional breaking of the authentication flow. The difference from the already present “failAuthentication” action is, that user’s agent is not redirected back to the client with error response, but instead lands on an embedded Unity “finalization” page, which can be flexibly configured.

This feature works the same for both OAuth and SAML IdP endpoints.

Other improvements

  • ORCID integration was updated, catching up with ORCID API changes
  • Admin can configure size limit for JSON database dump upload, also the default limit is dynamic, computed basing on available server’s memory.
  • Demo/quickstart server certificate was updated
  • Postgresql based installation handle JSON dump imports correctly now
  • Unity will display caption configured in custom layout of a form, also when it is the very first element of the form
  • Attributes preset by invitations which where shown in form are now displayed correctly, w/o metadata.

Upgrade from 3.13.x

Version 3.14 doesn’t bring significant changes with increased migration risk, however as always backup of a database and pre-update testing of the new release are advised.