In this patch we are addressing a range of smaller issues.

Please pay attention to a change in configuration: thread pools configuration of Unity was split into two pools:

  • One pool controls periodically scheduled tasks, requires rather small number of threads (the default is 4, which can be slightly increased for big deployments). Its size is controlled withthe so far only configuration option unityServer.core.threadPoolSize.
  • The new option, unityServer.core.concurrentThreadPoolSize, with default of 16, is used for concurrent asynchronous executions of immediate tasks. It is used in bulk way (e.g. during logo download) by many tasks.


Addressed problems

  • Several enhancements to SAML logo prefetching:
    • logo download process will never overlap with previous iteration, even on short SAML metadata refresh interval
    • logos are available as soon as are downloaded (previously only after prefetching of all)
    • TCP connection and read timeouts have better defaults and can be fine tuned by administrator
    • other minor improvements were applied
  • Bugfix: after redeploying of an endpoint, one of the handlers was executed twice, causing duplicated log messages
  • Default SAML metadata generated by Unity IdP endpoint was missing Organization element
  • Added possibility to load SCIM schema from external files
  • Fixed loading of SCIM configuration if REST admins group was not set
  • Fixed loading of trusted applications module in HomeUI in case of broken client URLs
  • Upgraded some of dependencies