A new release was published with the following content:

  • Unity-IdM manual has now reference to upmon configuration,
  • two fixes for problems found with migrations, for one of which there might be a need to perform a manual procedure described below

Note that we have found a problem with our latest migration. Is triggered by OAuth endpoint configuration which is not using the “Refresh token expiration” feature. The problem is manifesting after Unity-IdM startup with the following error log entry:

ERROR unity.server.core.InternalEndpointManagement: Can't load endpoint Jirav Admin OAuth2 Authorization Server of type OAuth2Authz
eu.unicore.util.configuration.ConfigurationException: Can't initialize the OAuth 2 AS endpoint's configuration
Caused by: eu.unicore.util.configuration.ConfigurationException: Scope offline_access is required, refresh token issue policy is OFFLINE_SCOPE_BASED

If you run into such problem after 3.8.1 installation, it has to be fixed manually. Using console edit problematic endpoint(s), update the “Refresh token issue policy” to Never, and then deploy the endpoint.