1.9.6 was published on 25.04.2017


Read documentation of 1.9.6 release:


with introduction of latest Jetty HTTP server (used by Unity) it was observed that Firefox browser have troubles connecting to Unity launched on some of the OpenJDK distributions (e.g. Fedora). This is due to disabling EC TLS ciphers in affected OpenJDK. In case of troubles please use Oracle Java RE.


There are two distribution formats:

  • tar.gz bundle which can be unpacked and this way installed in a single directory,
  • rpm which can be installed system-wide in the Linux standard locations.

The rpm is build and tested on Centos 6, noarch. It should work flawlessly also on SL6 and recent Fedora distributions. We may build packages for other distributions in future, however the tar.gz format should be fully portable. Java 8 JRE is the primary installation prerequisite. For more detailed installation information please check the Unity manual.


The 1.9.0 contains probably the largest amount of new features included in a single release so far. The highlights of the release are:

  • Enquiry forms – this completely new feature allows for asking existing users about additional data. It is very similar (and as powerful) as the registrations forms intended for prospective users. Users are notified about enquiry via email and can fill it by visiting a link or after logging into Unity.
  • Form layouts – it is possible now to control the order of elements in a registration (and enquiry) form as well as define separators and custom captions.
  • Invitations – another new big and very useful feature: it is possible to invite users to fill a registration form. Registration forms can be also marked as by invitation only. Invitation can include pre-set settings for the user, which are used to partially prefill the registration form.
  • Bulk processing of entities – allows for performing batch operations on entities fulfilling a given criteria. So far only two operations are provided (change status and removal) but more can be easily added in future. It is also possible to schedule bulk processing actions to have an automated maintenance of users.
  • REST enhancements – The REST API is subsequently improved with each release. This time changes are huge: there is support for managing registration forms, invitations, endpoints and groups. It is possible to enable CORS support. Finally the unity-types module was improved so it can be used as a simple library for Java based REST client applications: most of REST-manageable Unity artifacts can be created via code using this library.
  • Customized i18n – Unity distribution contains now a complete of Unity internal messages. And it is possible to improve translations or change the defaults.


Bugs fixed:
  • 601 External SAML authN breaks if metadata is reloaded between entering login page and actual login
  • 599 Problems with Facebook authN
  • 598 Missing AssertionConsumerServiceURL in SAML authN requset causes NPE
  • 592 Enum attribute editor should have predictible ordering of allowed values
  • 589 HTML not interpreted for credential descriptions
  • 588 Some attributes created with output translation profile can not be released
New features:


  • 594 Improved attributes presentation on consent screen
  • 595 Control of attributes hiding on the consent screen
  • 593 Default forward/redirect for the server
  • 590 Add UI option to activate confirmation e-mail resend
Bugs fixed:
  • 587 Registration form attribute collected in automaticOrInteractive mode gets widget with remote attribute
  • 584 Copied translation profile name can not be edited
  • 582 Registration form doesn’t wrap text when opened via public url
  • 583 Enquiry without identity can not be accepted
  • 580 Creation of authN UI takes long time with large SAML federation configured
  • 579 nonce value missing from OIDC authentication response/claim
New features:


  • 575 Add support for permanent account deactivation
Bugs fixed:
  • 564 Preferences retrieval may break user import on SAML IdP WS endpoint
  • 577 Attribute statements evaluation assumes that entity is member of extra group
  • 576 Internationalized SAML metadata is not handled correctly
  • 560 Invalid handling of automatic token validity extension
  • 554 Return proper error information after login with identity which is not a member of a required group for OAuth endpoint
New features:


  • 565 Add forceContinue option to OAuth AS endpoint
  • 563 Flexible SAML singature requiremnts configuration
  • 562 Disable user import per-endpoint
  • 561 OAuth AS endpoint should allow for selecting which identity is used as subject
  • 559 Addressing entities over REST with arbitrary identity
Bugs fixed:
  • 541 Viewing of the output translation profile broken
  • 557 Loading of very large SAML metadata fails
  • 546 Stepper style broken
  • 545 Credential definition change shows invalid error message on chenge with pending requests
  • 544 Password credential edit dialog doesn’t load security question state properly
  • 539 Investigate ‘immortal’ session warning from Jetty
  • 579 nonce value missing from OIDC authentication response/claim
  • 535 REST api returns errors in xml format even if json Accept specified
New features:


  • 549 Full support for ORCID Oauth provider
  • 548 Show invalid credential details for all UIs
  • 547 Integrate support for single file pem truststore
  • 543 Option to disable account association globally per authenticator
  • 540 Add support for provider-specific OAuth user retrieval
Bugs fixed:
  • 534 Update of some registration requests fails in case of pre 1.4 JSON dump
  • 531 Editable attributes are not filtered by group in home UI
  • 533 InitDB should check empty DB flag value and report DB corruption
  • 532 After refresh save button never appear in homeUI, even when it should
New features:


  • 513 Support for ORCID OAuth 2.0 provider
  • 536 Expose registration requests over REST interface
  • 530 Simple token refresh for OAuuth in implicit flow
  • 529 Improve LDAP client performance
  • 528 LDAP import feature
Bugs fixed:
  • 523 Edition of certain registration forms fails
  • 526 Sometimes MVEL parsing error causes UI failure
  • 522 Upgrade of system attribute type tries to overwrite custom type settings
  • 527 Engine content initializers should be run in the configuration-defined order
New features:


  • 525 Improve MVEL handling: allow for local variables
  • 524 Allow for invoking bulk operations via REST
Bugs fixed:
  • 497 Crash during startup when loading translation profiles
  • 521 It is not possible to control endpoints & authenticators via REST and config file simultenaously
  • 518 Production mode service should not crash on missing message
  • 508 Email attribute editor is missing required indicator
  • 503 Standalone registration form fails when optionally remote or group parameters are used
  • 498 Template modifications in webContents doesn’t work
  • 494 It is not possible to create a public registration form collecting X.500 identity as automatic data
  • 492 Registration request with missing optional parameter breaks submission
  • 491 OAuth client credentials grant should support also the userinfo token
  • 490 Possible NPE in export to JSON
  • 483 GitHub as OAuth provider doesn’t work
  • 504 Space in standalone form address is encoded as + in form review panel
New features:


  • 517 Return all (incl local) attribtues from the rest endpoint
  • 515 Expose message bundles to administrators
  • 514 Groups management via REST API
  • 512 Add default logos for supported OAuth providers
  • 511 Support single logout via OAuth
  • 502 Allow for richer HTML in registration form
  • 501 Registration postprocessing action: customized post-submit information
  • 500 Provide information on login statistics per entity
  • 499 Configuration option to skip concurrent login error page
  • 496 REST API for registration forms management
  • 493 Add support for CORS
  • 487 Support ofr inviting prospective users to fill registration form
  • 486 Enrich REST admin API with endpoints management
  • 485 Token revocation in the OAuth token endpoint
  • 484 Increase maximum elements number for allowedReturnURI attribute type
  • 382 Collect newly mandated information/attributes from the “already registered” users
  • 383 Bulk processing of entities
  • 482 Users table in Admin UI should preserve its position after delete
  • 385 Allow arrangement/ordering of form fields while creating or editing the registration forms
  • 459 Upgrade to latest CXF 3


Here you can download previous versions from the series and read their documentation: