The release 1.8.0 was published on 31.12.2015


Read documentation of 1.8.0 release:


There are two distribution formats:

  • tar.gz bundle which can be unpacked and this way installed in a single directory,
  • rpm which can be installed system-wide in the Linux standard locations.

The rpm is build and tested on Centos 6, noarch. It should work flawlessly also on SL6 and recent Fedora distributions. We may build packages for other distributions in future, however the tar.gz format should be fully portable. Java 8 JRE is the primary installation prerequisite. For more detailed installation information please check the Unity manual.


The version 1.8.0 ships several notable new features, making Unity much more universal and flexible. The highlights of this release:

  • Registration forms has a completely redesigned automation feature, based on translation profile (similar to the input and output profiles used for authentication and IdPs). The new feature incorporate previous automatic attributes & groups assignments, condition to auto accept requests and redirections. With the new model it is possible to perform a great amount of advanced request processing: all elements can be filtered, new elements can be added, it can be precisely controlled when to perform redirects, finally requests can be not only automatically accepted but also dropped or denied.
  • Group attribute statements were fully redesigned into a much more flexible model. Each statement is now similar to a single rule in a translation profile: it has a condition expressed in MVEL and assigned attribute can be either fixed or also produced by a dynamic MVEL expression. In effect it is possible not only to copy attributes between groups but also to modify them on the fly or to use non-attribute data (as identities) as values.
  • It is possible now to embed any of Unity web interfaces within a customized HTML, so it is possible to insert a custom header or footer.

There are also other, smaller features included as OAuth client credentials grant support, better DoS protection mechanisms async loading of identities table (crucial with high number of entities).

Make sure to read the upgrade instructions before upgrading!


Bugs fixed:
  • 466 Problems with downloading data from remote HTTPS servers
  • 367 Admin UI: problems when displaying high # of users
  • 440 Problem with captcha and X11
  • 480 Listen port is appended to the advertised address
  • 481 UNICORE web endpoint is not adding delegations when consent skipping is turned on
New features:
  • 456 Update dependencies to the latest versions
  • 258 Refactor forms automation to a new type of translation profile
  • 270 Registration requests table should use the same actions model as other tables
  • 449 Decorate Unity UI with customized header/footer etc.
  • 455 Upgrade Jetty to 9 series
  • 458 Upgrade to latest http client
  • 460 Refactor attribute statements to rule engine based with MVEL expressions
  • 463 Custom style is loaded after the default style
  • 470 Support OAuth client credentials grant
  • 474 Enable Jetty DoS filter