1.7.2  was published on 27.11.2015


Read documentation of 1.7.2 release:


The more strict email validation will prohibit loading a database dump with invalid emails. Those emails must be fixed before the import.


There are two distribution formats:

  • tar.gz bundle which can be unpacked and this way installed in a single directory,
  • rpm which can be installed system-wide in the Linux standard locations.

The rpm is build and tested on Centos 6, noarch. It should work flawlessly also on SL6 and recent Fedora distributions. We may build packages for other distributions in future, however the tar.gz format should be fully portable. Java 8 JRE is the primary installation prerequisite. For more detailed installation information please check the Unity manual.


Note: since this version Java 8 is required to run Unity.

The 1.7.0 release in the first place fixes numerous bugs that were found in 1.6.x releases.

The most important new features are:

  • Support for PostgreSQL database backend.
  • It is possible now to access (public) registration forms with a well known URLs. You need a special endpoint for this feature  (enabled in 1.7.0 by default). The public link of a form is visible in its settings in AdminUI.
  • It is possible to redirect user browser after registration and after confirming an email. This mechanism was partially  available before (only for registration) but was reworked so redirection has rich information passed with parameters  about operation state.
  • A new input translation action – remove stale data – is available. It allows for removing stale data from Unity, so Unity database can be kept in sync with remote IdP.

Big thanks to everybody involved in this release!


  • 476 Registration form is not cleared after cancellation
  • 478 SAML&OAuth login context is not properly cleared when using registration form with redirects on IdP endpoint of Unity
  • 479 SAML login session participants are duplicated
  • 475 Better email validation (@@, invalid domains and other syntax mistakes are forbidden)
  • 477 Better message for account association error when logging on existing account
Bugs fixed:
  • Consistent handling of email tags
  • The latest H2 DB version is used what should improve some rare problems with this store
  • During a login with external IdP, the Unity’s own authentication screen is not shown after the return redirect (if the authentication was successful)
  • Task leak was fixed which occurred when a custom metadata was configured for Unity’s SAML authenticator.
  • Caption on authN screen during account association was corrected.
Bugs fixed:
  • 436 Unity fails notification operation whenever plain string attribute is designated as contact email
  • 438 Registration form shown after mapped identity
  • 448 Wrong vesion of xml-security packaged
  • 428 SLO broken in internalAndSyncPeers and internalOnly modes
  • 435 No message found for entity with sheduled operation
  • 441 Registration form with optional and missing element fails on confirmations
  • 442 Password credential with expiration turned off expires
  • 443 Registration form validation of publicly available and autoaccept condition is too silent
  • 445 Account association sandbox does not use styles and config of endpoint’s authN UI
  • 447 Confirmation UI theme is fixed to the default theme
  • 452 SAML IDP and OAuth endpoints custom theme and web contents settings are ignored
  • 453 At login account association does not work on IdP endpoints
  • 432 setAttribute reports NPE on invalid attribute name
  • 439 Confirmation sending problem on entities with transient identities
New features:
  • 122 Implement attribute classes update
  • 256 Allow for full synchronization mode in input translation profile
  • 363 Introduce configurable password hash strength
  • 386 Copy/Duplicate attribute translation profiles
  • 405 Decouple web-specific code from the generic endpoint handing in Unity engine
  • 416 Support for PSQL DB
  • 424 Add operation to trigger re-sent of confirmation link
  • 425 Provide a well-known links in Unity to activate public registration forms
  • 426 Provide a well-known links in Unity to activate account association
  • 430 Bulk attribute update
  • 431 Attribute type update via REST
  • 434 Remote the ‘main’ tag for email identities/attributes
  • 437 Provide a return URL after generic confirmation
  • 444 Password reset should use provided email identity to send reset code
  • 446 Attribute types with immutable type should allow for changing visibility and self modifiable flag


Here you can download previous versions from the series and read their documentation: