The release 1.5.0  was published on 30.01.2015


Read documentation of 1.5.0 release:


There are two distribution formats:

  • tar.gz bundle which can be unpacked and this way installed in a single directory,
  • rpm which can be installed system-wide in the Linux standard locations.

The rpm is build and tested on Centos 6, noarch. It should work flawlessly also on SL6 and recent Fedora distributions. We may build packages for other distributions in future, however the tar.gz format should be fully portable. Java 8 JRE is the primary installation prerequisite. For more detailed installation information please check the Unity manual.


Unity 1.5.0 is the first release in which not only a core functionality but also the user experience started to be addressed. The release highlights are:

  • Translation profiles creation – the most complicated step of remote IdP configuration – is now supported by two new facilities:
    • Debugger allowing administrator to check an existing profile in action by performing a sandboxed login and viewing the profile’s execution results. It is shown which conditions were met, the full mapping result and even low level logs (regardless of the configuration settings).
    • Profile creation wizard allows administrator to use empty profile with sandboxed authentication. After the test authentication it is possible to edit the profile with a visual editor.
  • Frequently requested e-mail confirmations are now available. Unity provides a complete and generic support for this service.
    • There is e-mail attribute syntax so it is possible to define e-mail attribute types
    • As well there is e-mail identity allowing for logging in with e-mail
    • Hopefully all expected features are here: integration with translation profiles, possibility to control initial confirmation state by administrators, possibility to re-confirm and many more.
  • Internalization of Unity was improved. From now on all end-user visible names (e.g. credential or attribute names) are now independent from internal identifiers and can be provided in all languages which are enabled in the server. This affects: attributes, credentials, groups, message templates, web credential retrievals and endpoint names.
    • This change influences registration forms a lot: captions of collected attributes, identities and credentials are now taken from the system configuration. The only exception are legacy forms (from previous Unity versions) which have the old setting preserved. Newly created registration forms do not have this setting.
    • What is more a complete (with exception of Admin UI) Polish translation is now available.

Big thanks to all our contributors, in particular Roman Krysiński for his magnificent work on translation profile debugging and wizard and Piotr Piernik for his work on e-mail confirmations.


Bugs fixed:
  • UNICORE endpoint broken – error on confirmation (NPE)
  • SAML authenticator assumes that at least one IDP is directly configured
  • The exception on network connection failure is not shown in log upon remote metadata fetching in authenticator
  • SAML SP defaults are not used and cause NPE
  • Unable to edit attribute type with metadata set
  • Registration request is always created with attributes having the full visibility
  • Non-string attribute types can not be used with input translation profiles
  • Default value not used for OpenID Connect client authentication mode
  • It is possible to create registration form with optional identity param -> causes NPE in UI
  • Input translation profile does not allow for adding to groups with mandatory attributes
  • License file missing in distribution & sources
  • User without password can not set it on HomeUI
New features:
  •  Attributes in attribute classes edit dialog are sorted
  •  Scheduled account removal
  •  End user controlled account removal
  • Add resolve identity operation to the RESTful API
  • Possibility to control the elements of the HomeUI
  • Configurable return redirection after registration
  • Add possibility to configure captcha for registration form feature
  • Configurable skipping of consent screen on SAML IdP
  • Consent skipping for OAuth AS IdP
  • Enrich User Home UI with possibility to edit self modifiable attributes
  • LDAP verificator should be compatible with TLS retrievals
  • Entity details info on the Home UI should be simplified
  • Displayed name of an attribute introduced
  • Add Debian packaging
  • Bulk map attributes action