The release 1.2.0  was published on 16.04.2014


Read documentation of 1.2.0 release:


There are two distribution formats:

  • tar.gz bundle which can be unpacked and this way installed in a single directory,
  • rpm which can be installed system-wide in the Linux standard locations.

The rpm is build and tested on Centos 6, noarch. It should work flawlessly also on SL6 and recent Fedora distributions. We may build packages for other distributions in future, however the tar.gz format should be fully portable. Java 8 JRE is the primary installation prerequisite. For more detailed installation information please check the Unity manual.


The release 1.2.0 features a great amount of bugfixes and couple of new features. The most important changes:

  • MySQL support is fixed.
  • The login sessions support is complete (the previous versions had this pretty limited).  This allowed for introducing a couple of new features and will allow for more in future. In particular:
    • Targeted transient and persistent identity types are available and can be used with SAML endpoints.
    • A new concept of authentication realm allows for configuring login settings of several endpoints once, at the same time enabling cross-endpoint single sign on and logout.
    • Login sessions are shared between redundant instances of Unity
    • It is possible to turn on a ‘remember me’ authentication feature.
  • An interface to edit message templates was added. Message templates are now typed and can be used only where they match.
  • Translation profiles can be edited with a new GUI of the Admin UI. It is much easier than the JSON file editing.
  • A new identity type was added to cover an opaque identifier, typically imported from external IdP.


Bugs fixed:
  • Creation of default admin assumes that default credential and default cred. req. are absent too
  • Copy from subgroup AS can mess up attributes
  • Registration form for unknown user doesn’t show even if configured
  • Mysql is not working
  • Cannot Accept Registration Forms as Admin
  •  Engine throws unchecked exception on translation profile loading
  • Invalid processing of notifications when form has partial notifications configuration
  • Attribute statements should not overwrite regular attributes
  • HTTP session is killed after twice the timeout set
  • Missing remote registration parameters may cause NPE during registration request validation
  • Default multiple assertions setting for UNICORE endpoints invalid
  • RelayState is not URI encoded in response
  •  Entity without any security role is handled incorrectly after login to UIs
  •  NPE when trying to create an attribute and there is no unassigned attribute type
  •  It is not possible to add a regular attribute if there is effective in the group
New features:
  • Support for transient identity type
  •  Enhance identity type, identities and identity retrieval functionality
  •  Create an API to track logins and logouts
  •  Identity type implementation must be able to encode and decode stored identity value
  •  Create a web UI for message templates management
  •  Create UI for translation profiles editing
  •  Prepare setup and test redundant installation for HA
  •  Sort attributes in attribute selection combo
  •  Improve error reporting and loading of authenticators
  •  Improve descriptions visualisation
  • Add a new capability and role to allow for reading of all attributes
  •  Implement better logging for the SOAP SAML IdP endpoint
  •  Implement authentication realms
  •  Support for targeted persistent identity
  •  Provide a generic tokens storage API in the engine
  •  Remember me feature
  •  Create a new identifier identity type
  •  Use web browser certificate as automatic attribute for registration
  •  Auth bind support
  •  Better handling of registration form related problems