Unity is a complete solution for identity, federation and inter-federation management. Or, looking from a different perspective, it is an extremely flexible authentication service.

  • Authentication of web and cloud resources can be outsourced to Unity.
  • Unity can act as a bridge to a not cloud/web friendly users store.
  • Finally Unity can help to integrate 3rd party identity providers with local resources.

More information can be found in the About section.

You can also see the introductory presentation:

Unity introduction 

Latest News

Revision 1.9.2 is available

Subsequent small revision release 1.9.2 was published. Includes improved LDAP integration, few bugfixes and more. See Downloads.

Revision update 1.9.1 is ready

A small, mostly bugfixing update 1.9.1 is available in Downloads

1.9.0 is available

After four months of development the 9th feature-release of Unity is completed. See Downloads for details on the new features - there is a lot of them.

Release 1.8.0 available

Release 1.8.0 is available, shipping a lot of new functionality. See Downloads.

Release 1.7.2 is available

A new release - 1.7.2 is available, including several small improvements. See Downloads.

Partners and involved institutions

        UNICORE logo  
ICM (University of Warsaw) leads Unity
Open Source development  
PL-Grid infrastructure uses Unity
for providing UNICORE 7 access  
UNICORE Community actively participates
in Unity development